Olfaction Candles

100% pure essential oil, natural soy wax candles, emitting the cleanest of burns, filling your space with wanders and memories, all contained in an amber glass jar

8.5oz / 240ml | 45-50 hour burn time

O1 café blanc
earthy & floral, reminiscent of drinking white coffee in the mountain gardens
essential oils: neroli, petitgrain, cedarwood & patchouli 

O2 herb garden
fresh & herbaceous, taking you back to summer, being surrounded by lavender fields in Provence, South of France
essential oils: rosemary, oregano, lavender & lemon

O3 jungle trekking
tropical & cleansing, oh how we miss those South East Asian holidays, or perhaps a trip to the Spa, don’t worry this scent with take you there
essential oils: tea tree, cypress, citriodora, lemongrass & cedarwood

O4 forest wanders
fresh & earthy, those calming strolls through the pine forest just after some heavy rain
essential oils: pine needle, clary sage, patchouli & cedarwood

O6 bloom

fresh & floral, the combination has created a sort of sweet creamy sensational scent that takes us back to our great grandma’s pantry and would love to hear how it makes you feel!

this one is slightly different than the others as it is held together in a clear glass jar with dried flowers painted to the inside surfaces

essential oils: neroli, lavender, geranium & cedarwood



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O1 cafe blanc, O2 herb garden, O3 jungle trekking, O4 forest wanders, O6 bloom